Below are a few video recordings to give a view of a snippet of work I do, and a peek at my little homestead.

The video below is an acceptance and thank you video for being awarded the Lansing Community College President’s Award in 2021.

Here is a short video of my little homestead, July 2023.


 The video below is a simple recording for my students in an Intro. to Education course I am teaching, 2023.

The recording below is a “Lightning Talk” on Student Engagement for LCC’s Professional Activity Days.


The recording below is a presentation I created on Universal Design for Learning.


The link, here, is the Course Hero Education Summit 2022: Implementing Equity in the Community College Setting  where I was part of a 5-person panel discussion. I spoke several times in this discussion. At the 20-ish minute mark you will see one of my comments.

The recording below is a short welcome from me, as the host of LCC’s (virtual) Professional Activity Days.